Personal Story – My Dad’s Alzheimer’s

I’m still figuring this blog out. I’ve been able to have a pretty good business without one. And while I swore I wouldn’t mix personal and business here I wanted to make a small note about something that has been important to me in my life.

My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s right around the same time I broke out to start being a consultant. You can imagine the journey it has been. As the Alzheimer’s creeps deeper my dad has the obvious ups and downs. And through all of this I’m incredibly thankful for the freedom my job and clients give me to be with my dad during this stage of his life.

I have to give a special shout out here to Pete McIndoe at Home Helpers In-Home Care. We looked at several home health companies to work with my father and his¬†Alzheimer’s but he and his staff were clearly the best choice.

I really credit Pete and his team for how well my father is doing and the peace they have helped bring to our lives. If you are reading this and are in Central Arkansas (Go Hogs!) I recommend you look him up and call him if you ever find that you or someone you love needs help. If you are outside of Central Arkansas (Woo Pig!!) you should still call him because he has a great referral network.

Thanks for reading this.  Back to work now.

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